January 8, 2020

ok, well, it is 2020! 

this decade has a lot of meaning for me.  my sweet girls announced that this is the decade where they will all be graduating from high school, and at least two of them graduating from college.  i can't even think about that!  it is filled with excitement and nervous energy.  i hope all of you have had a beautiful start to your new year.


i have a dear friend who called me a couple days after the new year, with no doubt some nervousness and apprehension about what is ahead for her.  i could feel her fidgeting with the phone and panic in her voice.  she probably doesn't even know it, because i haven't communicated with her yet, but that very specific moment gave me a vision. 

you see...

May 17, 2019

a dreamy session.

the rain pattered on the ceiling, the windows.

the air was hot and cozy, infused with rosemary and peppermint oil.

May 10, 2019

hello to you!

i am enjoying a piping hot cup of coffee on this sunny day, (sometimes no matter how hot the weather is, i still prefer the hot...anyway) right before we head into mother's day weekend.  i wanted to share with you the special for may and june...

as we all eagerly lean into summer, i will be offering a 40 minute massage, focusing on whatever you would like, and following the massage, a 20 minute foot scrub and reflexology treatment.  

i will be using an all organic sugar/red sea salt (from hawaii) scrub, this will for sure be a treat.  

we then finish with hot towels, rich oil and a lovely, just the right amount of pressure foot massage.

maybe you would like to gift...

March 5, 2019

one of the most surprising things to me while working in the clinic, has been working with the youngsters. 
between the clinic kiddos and my kiddos, and my friends’ kiddos, i have been learning all sorts of healing ways for them....and you know what?

•kids want a time out.
•they want to be away from the screens.
•they want to talk about their day.
•they want to tell you something funny, or sad, or whatever is bringing them pain.
•kids also know when they have had just enough time to gather themselves up and keep going.

we, us adults, are the ones that do not require them to do so. 
no matter what we say, we don’t hold a space for them, not like this. not a place where we can teach them breathing, and sitting, listening to their...

December 10, 2018

hello friends

 remember in the summer when i did the sea salt glow with a massage?  i am offering it again for the month of december and january too. 

i am noticing clients' skin, and mine as well, need a little lift and a little glow!  i have said it before and i will say it again...this is my FAVORITE treatment.

 the treatment includes a full body exfoliation followed by a sea salt scrub.   after this i use a wonderful soothing muscle oil for your massage and then finish with a rose water spray.

  i only use the highest grade and organic ingredients.

maybe you want this...or you would like to gift it to someone. 

the package is $65 and i am waving the traveling fee...

merry christmas dear ones.


August 1, 2018

i am now only doing mobile massage, and for those of you that want to leave your house,  you can use my cottage :)  

it's quaint. cozy, and wonderful.  

i am going to give you a little peek...

i am tucked away by trees, and my magical beautiful forest is our background.  the little stove you see, her name is betsy.  she warms the cottage right up.  i am sure you won't be disappointed.  tea is always going too.  

i hope i get to see you soon.

- be brave,


July 9, 2018

i have been thinking about a way i can  pay it forward...thinking and thinking.  

a couple of nights ago i came up with an idea to do a FREE massage every wednesday at 11:30 a.m. at my quaint, little cottage studio.

this is a way that i can keep practicing my trade and also keep my strength up while i have the opportunity to give back in one small way.

so maybe you know some one, or maybe you are the some one, that needs this :)

the massage will be 30 minutes long and will include hot towels and aromatherapy, because there is no other way my friend.  we can focus on a problem area or we can do a full body massage.  if this is your first time receiving a massage the 30 minute time frame is a nice introduction and you can decide...

June 28, 2018

happy summer!!!

for july and august, i am offering a salt glow with a 50 minute massage.  

the massage will take place in your desired location. 

this is my most favorite spa treatment to offer. 

this treatment leaves your skin feeling the MOST soft.  this is also a nice way to keep your tan if you have been working on it all summer long.  not to mention cracked elbow skin and cracked knee skin will get a second chance to show up and look beautiful for the season of summer..and we all need second chances every once in a while.

so here is how the salt glow works.  i whip together salt from the dead sea, the actual Dead Sea, (which is super fine), along with an organic non scented lotio...

June 4, 2018

hello friends!  

well, according to my hand dandy website tracker thing, it appears that people are actually reading this little blog... and sharing it.


and wow!  

i was reading my favorite text book from class the other day and was reminded of so many great things about massage.  sometimes i forget and just go into my regural spill about the benefits of massage, and leave out some important facts.  

i am going to remind myself, (and you too!) about three of them. 




(all things massage will help us with.)

now...i can say i honestly have a problem with all three of these.  people that know me well, have seen me in a full on, blow out,  panic/anxiety attack.  which for me, then leads...

May 28, 2018

for the month of june i will be offering a sinus and facial massage for $35 for 30 minutes.  

i will also use pressure points on the feet to help clear your nasal passages...(isn't that wild, that we can do that??)

i have noticed stuffy noses everywhere.  whether you are suffering from seasonal allergies or have a cold, i know this will bring some much needed relief.

hot towels are included with a special sinus essential oil that will clear you right up... 

pinky promise!

be brave,


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