three ways massage helps, that you maybe didn't think of...

June 4, 2018

hello friends!  

well, according to my hand dandy website tracker thing, it appears that people are actually reading this little blog... and sharing it.


and wow!  

i was reading my favorite text book from class the other day and was reminded of so many great things about massage.  sometimes i forget and just go into my regural spill about the benefits of massage, and leave out some important facts.  

i am going to remind myself, (and you too!) about three of them. 




(all things massage will help us with.)


now...i can say i honestly have a problem with all three of these.  people that know me well, have seen me in a full on, blow out,  panic/anxiety attack.  which for me, then leads to depression, which is then followed by a poor night of sleep.  after that, i wake up with the main goal of covering the bags under my eyes, and hanging onto a thread of hope that this day will be better than the previous one, and sweet jesus will have mercy on my heart.  this is a very slippery slope for me, my friends.  while i am not here to give anyone advice on how to cure any of these issues, i am here to offer one solution that may help you, me, and in turn the world, live in a little more peace.


the thing with any self care and the same goes for massage, is consistency is the best policy.  carving out time to heal our heart and ease our body means we have to, duh duh, duh...



we also have to make a sacrifice to do that.  one of the best questions we can ask ourself is this... "how will i take care of myself this week?" 

when i was a mom to littles the answer was taking a walk to my favorite cafe and buying a $5.00 cup of coffee.  over time the outing has changed and sometimes the price tag too, but the sentiment is the same.

i encourage you to somehow make the time.  the ripples of love will flow from us so much stronger, wider, and deeper if we are the first to offer ourselves this little bit of grace.  

now, i am off to book an appointment with my sweet massage therapist as well.

be brave,






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