July 9, 2018

i have been thinking about a way i can  pay it forward...thinking and thinking.  

a couple of nights ago i came up with an idea to do a FREE massage every wednesday at 11:30 a.m. at my quaint, little cottage studio.


 this is a way that i can keep practicing my trade and also keep my strength up while i have the opportunity to give back in one small way.


so maybe you know some one, or maybe you are the some one, that needs this :)


the massage will be 30 minutes long and will include hot towels and aromatherapy, because there is no other way my friend.  we can focus on a problem area or we can do a full body massage.  if this is your first time receiving a massage the 30 minute time frame is a nice introduction and you can decide if this is for you.  i will also offer $5 off you next appointment if you rebook with me.


this is a first come first serve offer.

 the best way to reserve your spot is through a phone call or text- 253.307.4421.  you can also follow my instagram page for more info.

my special for the salt glow scrub is still going on as well...just in case you are wondering, it is not too late.

i hope to see you soon.


be brave, 


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