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summer sun and foot scrubs

hello to you!

i am enjoying a piping hot cup of coffee on this sunny day, (sometimes no matter how hot the weather is, i still prefer the hot...anyway) right before we head into mother's day weekend. i wanted to share with you the special for may and june...

as we all eagerly lean into summer, i will be offering a 40 minute massage, focusing on whatever you would like, and following the massage, a 20 minute foot scrub and reflexology treatment.

i will be using an all organic sugar/red sea salt (from hawaii) scrub, this will for sure be a treat.

we then finish with hot towels, rich oil and a lovely, just the right amount of pressure foot massage.

maybe you would like to gift this to your momma, or a teacher, as we finish up the school year.

the price for this service, plus a detox bath for you to take home, is $65.

i hope to see you soon, and happy mother's day to all you mommas out there.

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