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6 things that have helped me on a heart healing journey

hi my friends!

wow...what a few months it has been in my world and i am sure in your world too! this post has zero to do with massage and everything to do with heart healing/trauma thoughts i have had from my january 12th heart adjustment. (i am not calling it a heart attack. not because it wasn't one but because as i will explain below, the word attack does not bring me comfort.)

i feel very much called to write down a few thoughts about these last months in hopes that my journey will bring you comfort if you are in a health journey as well. health for me means operating at a base line everyday that enables me to do the things i want to, have to, love to and need to without pain that would cause me to stop physically or emotionally. if you are experiencing anything in your life/body/heart/mind that has been a hindrance to your health i hope you find some comfort in some pretty basic things the spirit has brought to me. basic because this isn't rocket science. most of these ideas are free, some are an investment, and you can practice these ideas any time of the day. let's get to it shall we?!

1. change the wording. instead of calling my episode on the 12th a heart attack i quickly knew i was going to need to change these words. the word attack was just too much for me to say. every time that word came out of my mouth i literally could not control myself. i was so full of fear. i felt like my body was attacking me for using the work attack! so i shifted it. i shifted from attack to an adjustment. that worked instantly. that brought me comfort. i really believe our bodies are communicating with us. always adjusting, and always talking. sometimes we just don't listen. i am aware using words will help my in my healing, and words can trigger peace or fear. so change the words and watch how it changes the emotion in your body and in your mind! it is pretty powerful.

2. food is medicine. this one can get complicated fast so i won't get into it too much, however i can attest to the wonderfulness of a nutritionist. if you need one please let me know and i can point you to a couple here locally and, i am sure some of them would even zoom ya! while i have always been a good eater lately i have changed some things. for example, all our bread is made from scratch, we switched our regular use of butter to ghee, i hunt down non GMO products (all the time), and lastly we invested in a farm that raises our meat and eggs for us according to the way we want to eat. costly? yes. worth it? every penny. there are few more things we have changed but i don't want to totally bore you and to be honest i am not a nutritionist, so some of this is over my head to explain. i do know, eat well and it will serve you well. i love these books:

"Put your heart where your mouth is." (thanks to a dear friend who told me about this book, you know who you are :)

"The moon juice manual."

"The Hashimoto's AIP cookbook."

3. buy a medical ID tag. this was a game changer for me when i started to realize i had to get back into the real world and live. i noticed i was anxious about people NOT knowing that i had this heart adjustment incident. how would anyone ever be able to help me if i wasn't with someone that knew my experience? it kept me up at night and these thoughts made me want to stay home. well, clearly that just wasn't going to happen and i knew i could not live like this. here comes the tag! i wear it all the time. it's cute because that is important and the best part is the tag will tell your story if you can't.

4. find a therapist. because our friends and family can't be everything to us all the time. i noticed i was overloading them. i needed some advice, some fresh ears and some pointers. pretty self explanatory here, find a good one. one you can trust and has good will go a long way.

5. find a phrase. i guess some would call this a mantra. i am happy to share mine here with you! if i notice the anxiety picking up or am just not in a good place, i will say this on repeat. the phrase can be anything as long as it brings you peace. that is the objective here. i found it helpful for the phrase to be short and to be addressing what the ultimate fear is. if you don't know that (the fear) i would suggest getting real and digging deep to find the "thing" that is weighing you down. the therapist can come into play here ;)

"i trust my body knows what to do. i trust my heart knows how to heal. i trust my mind to let go of scary thoughts. i trust my soul knows the way home. i trust my people will forever be taken care of. i know god loves me."

6. eliminate what brings you additional stress. ok, this one. again, we could be here all day with this one, much like how food is medicine. i am not taking about quitting the job or staying away from family that may make you cringe...i am focusing on the additional stresses that make us physically sick and emotionally hurt. (i guess if that is your family or your job, yeah..maybe time to adjust, create some good boundaries. do some major praying.) but for me this has been the everyday things. i have been saying no way more than i have been saying yes. it has helped, i would even say it has give me more space and time to heal. when we say no and we CHOOSE to do what we want to do that creates a ripple effect of healing circles, space and time. this alone can make all the stress melt away. if it ain't an 8 on a scale of 10 (10 being I WANT TO DO THIS)-pass! another little piece of advice from a very wise friend:)

thanks for sticking with me for this long post. i do have more info that has come my way and i hope to put it all together to pass along soon. i meant to get this little ditty on the blog a month ago, but life... i hope if you are struggling with health issues this will bring you some comfort and you won't feel all alone. feel free to reach out if you ever need a friend!




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