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a few changes, a big announcement and a christmas special!

hello friends,

i hope this little post finds you well and staying warm. fall has arrived and the weather has really changed this last month. i do love fall, but i miss summer, and can't wait for Christmas, so i am all over the place 'round here :)

there has been some changes to my massage world and i wanted to fill you all in. i am now offering massage out of my cottage M-F. i have changed my schedule up a bit and will be working full time out of my cottage. this is all thanks to every one of you, and i could not be more grateful. when i started my massage journey my main goal was to be able to work full time out of my cottage, and now 5 years later i am! so thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

my big announcement is kind of silly, but i think it's important to know. lately i have had several husband and wife couple massages here, and it dawned on me the other day these wives need some tea and a nice magazine selection while their hubbies get a massage. usually, the said hubby, will go to the car and sleep until his lovely bride is finished with her massagae, but you ladies...i have noticed, like to stay in the warmth of the cottage. so i am introducing a tea bar and some wonderful magazines for you all :) i can't wait to get this tea bar party started!

and lastly, lets talk about christmas! of course i have the usual gift cards and detox bath package, but this year i am introducing a four pack massage special. for $260 you will receive one gift card or as many as you would like, up to four, to give away (or keep for yourself, no judgment) the savings is $40 for four massages. i wanted an easy way that you could gift several people a massage, but with one payment. i will also be doing a holiday giveaway as well, as i have done in the past-so stay tuned for that.

i hope your holiday season will bring you and your loved ones so much comfort and joy. it truly is a magical season if we stop, pay attention, slow down, and love every minute. i know i can't wait for sugar cookie making with my girls, gift tag decorating and hosting some fun parties, along with all the festive cocktails :)


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