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a torn heart and some updated news about my massage practice.

hi friends!

i hope this finds you well. i have some updating to do here. in the beginning of january i suffered not one, but two heart attacks. i spent a couple of days in the hospital and after multiple tests the cardiologist finally found a tear in my coronary artery, a detachment from the wall. i am very lucky my post hospital care includes rest and relaxation with no heavy lifting; which sadly means no massage. i will be taking a break until late march. i am booking clients as we speak but i am reducing my work schedule just a bit while i re-enter into the massage world so i can slowly gain strength and stamina again.

of course i can't let this opportunity pass by with out looking at all things in the massage world pertaining to the heart. so i plan on spending time diving into questions all about heart care and rest, reiki and massage, eating and supplementing.

these last couple of weeks i have never been more certain that we are all walking mysteries.

experiencing love from a stranger is to truly see the face of god.

our first responders deserve whatever they want! engine house #59 took the best care of me and acted quickly all while taking note of the children that were in the house. being tender with me and acting calmly to not provoke fear. they stayed with me longer than they needed and even provided hand holding :)

laying of hands is healing. thank you to my dear doctor jamie friend at harbor life chiropractic.

home cooked meals just keep landing on my door step, i am so grateful.

nurses are literal angles. they also deserve whatever they want. thank you to my brother, my dear laura, and all the nurses at TG. some sat on the bed and prayed with me, some patted my head, many held my hands and wiped the tears, but they all exuded confidence, grace, and knowledge.

i have truly felt god's love swirl all around. i can't wait to be with you all again, as i know with my whole and torn heart, we are all just walking each other home.

big love!



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