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cbd massage-be chill.

happy new year friends!

hopping on here to let you beautiful people know that while i have always offered cbd cream during a massage, i have never really advertised it. i LOVE using cbd in massage and in other areas of self care in my own personal daily routine. today is the day that i am going to tell you a little bit about cbd.

benefits of cbd oil during a massage:

*promotes a deeper relaxation.

*soothes anxiety

*calms inflammation

*reduces chronic pain

*melts tension

cbd, in a nutshell, offers a little bit of bliss and calmness that paired with a massage...well, there is really nothing like it. it is one of my favorite ways to help patients with a lot of big feelings, aches and pains, or in need of a deeper zen like hour, to regroup themselves and take some time to bring healing.

some patients love the whole body massage with cbd, while others prefer to target certain areas. post surgery sites, overused and damaged muscles, or places where patients tend to hold their stress; for example the neck and shoulders are some ways we can customize a cbd massage for you.

i like to support local farmers in the industry and have found a perfect cream that is made here in gig harbor. this company only uses the finest organic ingredients, offering a 500mg or 1000 mg option.

i recommend trying the 500 mg first and we can decided if upping to 1000mg would be a better fit for you.

i ask when booking you specify for the cbd cream, this way i can am prepared and have enough for the massage.

there is a price difference, i charge an extra $30 for one hour.

holler my way if you need any recommendations for your own home with cbd products.

i have a nice long list, ensuring you can find something that suits your needs.

i hope i see you soon.



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