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cut a rug, or actually trade for a rug?!

good evening lovely readers. i usually tend to write these little liners in the wee hours of morning before my crew of teenager girls are bouncing around and looking for breakfast, but tonight, you get an evening post; actually this is a little recap and update from my last post.

remember when i had the fabulous idea to trade for massage? turns out everyone really really liked that! i had no idea this would be such a thing. i have had so many offers and i think i need to create some parameters around how many i can actually do a month! which is super fun and totally unexpected. i also said i would let you all know what i am trading for, i think this is absolutely half the fun. my first trade will be starting in june. i am positive i am getting the better end of this deal. i am trading for a flokait rug. the crazy thing is i was actually going to buy one! as my girls would say, "god provides."

stay tuned for july, i am excited to see what the trade will be, may have to pull from a hat just to keep things fair:)

*A flokati rug is a woven wool rug. They are shaggy in appearance, and are thick and soft. Modern wool or synthetic rugs may be purchased in a variety of colours.


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