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my most favorite type of massage

the other day i had a client ask me what is my favorite part of massage? it took me awhile to answer because i truly love everything about massage. but i do have a favorite part and i answered with confidence, "post surgery, no doubt!" i think it was my time at the PT clinic that formed this in me. i saw so much pain and rehab in those walls. i saw tears of frustration and tears of acceptance when patients realized their new way of life was learning to dance with a gimp. i saw tears of joy too when patients would be fully healed and they no longer needed to be seen by us:) it was humbling and i always felt so honored to share space with their joy, pain and acceptance. at the clinic i worked on patients that suffered from strokes, traumatic brain injuries, and severe surgeries from broken bones, and torn ligaments. i worked with patients who had lost limbs, and patients who had severe PTSD. the list can keep going but my point is i have worked with a wide range of different cares and concerns over the years.

and it's no different here in my cottage! which i love. it brings me great joy to tackle a post surgery/post trauma hurdle and help bring a client into peace with their new body. my clients that meet me at my cottage post surgery still need some emotional support and they still have some healing to do. i tend to be the gal they see after most of their hard work is over at the clinics. i am at the end of their journey where their healing is now buttoned up with encouragement and the reward, and i wouldn't have it any other way :) i have worked with kids, teenagers, young adults, and of course older adults.

here is a list of some of the most common things i see:

*post surgery range of motion problems

*post surgery soft tissue issues

*post surgery breast explant and care

*postpartum tummy concerns/ c-section scars

*abdomen repair

*post chemo care

*dental work and TMJ issues.

i always ask, "what's the goal for you, why are you here and how can we be a team?" most of the time the answer is simple. for instance, the client wants to walk farther, last longer playing on the ground with their grand babies, take a walk on the beach without their walker, lift the heavy pots and pans to cook dinner for a loved one, have a pain free work day, or tend to their garden longer. it boils down to my clients wanting to do their hobbies and daily tasks with more ease. and guess what? i am here for that! and i am here for you!

you can be assured your session will have hot towels, a heated table for your post surgery concerns, some light energy work, cupping and gua sha if desired, and above all else, a place to heal and rest. we can use cbd oil for those tight muscles and for a calming effect that works quite nicely.

i hope to see you and all the life changing and life giving scars we bear.


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