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the covid care package

hello! it's exactly 5 days from is everyone holding up out there?

good??!! good...

i am introducing a new little covid special. which i am so excited about. this has been inspired from the experience that my family has had with covid, along with some of my very sweet clients, and a lot of my friends. i think i am feeling honored, that people in my world would come to me, and be honest, and say they need some care after having covid.

i really hope being in my cottage will always help you feel like you can communicate in a raw way with no judgment, including what kind of sickness you have experienced. there is a little "recipe", so to speak that i have come up with that seems to be quite beneficial for post covid. i am going to share the recipe here in hopes that if you have covid one day, or know someone that needs some attention/bodywork specifically because of covid, i hope you pass this along.

if i didn't have my community of wellness educators, nutritionists, body workers, and chiropractors, we wouldn't have faired so well or have healed so quickly when our family had covid. so much knowledge out there, it really is our duty to share and take care of one another. we all shifted our attitude about being "sick", and called it a major upgrade for our bodies. this worked about 90% of the time to not feel so down, and isolated. i think the girls were tired of me saying, "don't say you don't feel well, say you are being upgraded." imagine the eye rolls.

big shout out to Harbor Life Chiropractic for giving me SO much herbal supplement advice, and for friends who chose to not side with fear. for the ones that showed up on my door step and took care of us, so thankful!

i was greatly disappointed with my naturopath and have left her care to find one that aligns better with our families' medical and wellness values. i don't harbor any bitterness, only gratefulness for all the knowledge that came our way. it lead us to find a new form of care, including a system of wellness coaches.

one day i will have to write about that! basically it lead us to take control of our health in a very different way that i hadn't expected.

so, blah, is how the 60 minute covid care package will be broken down :)

MASSAGE: you all know this part. massage the back, the neck, and get some blood flowing.

CUPPING: maybe cupping is new to you. i try really hard to encourage cupping in every massage. i find is such a helper for relieving pain, giving a rush of good flow to an injured area, and a parasympathetic response to the nervous system. there are some unique cupping techniques that focus on stimulating the lungs and a cough, and general cold and flu care. i love these meridian locations, and the muscle locations for relaxing the tightness we tend to have when we are coughing, or laying low for a couple of days. i cup my kiddos all the time in these locations, and as far as my clients go, they all report a relief when leaving the table.

LYMPATIC MASSAGE: nothing too deep here, not like a deep tissue massage at all. think of me cupping my hands around the lymphatic dump sites and pumping them to the main river so your body can circulate new lymph. it is slow, gentle, and hypnotic...and it WORKS!

OLBAS OIL: my secret oil to help you breath in deeply, to soothe the lungs, to bring you comfort, and to provide some helpful draining, and ease congestion.

HOT TOWELS: combine this with olbas oil, you 'll be like, "covid who???!!" and hopefully if i do my job right this is where you take a little nap.

as always, call if you need anything and be well!

oh, and happy happy thanksgiving, from my family to yours :)


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