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your breast friends!

i can't believe how busy life has been over here! i haven't posted anything for quite some time, but i am still here and still massaging! lately, my cottage has been bustling and i am seeing a growing popularity on my breast massage sessions. only then i realized i haven't posted anything about this wonderful session i offer and all the amazing benefits breast massage includes. in the state of wa, a therapist has to have a special certification to work on the breasts, and in the fall of 2021 i finished my course. here's a peak of the snippet on my "services" page about this wonderful and truly special part of our anatomy.

"giving the most highly respected care and concern, this is a massage for your breasts. you will be surprised how light and open your chest will be as you end your session in my care. mid back pain, neck pain, and pectoral pain will dissipate as we work this area with compassion and light touch. this breast massage helps move the lymph along and gives your chest a natural lift. i have helped breasts post lift and implant/explant surgery and while women are in their breast cancer treatment/chemotherapy sessions. i always love to get a clearance from you doctor and any suggestions on where they would like to see some extra care and attention to this area.

to perform breast massage i needed an endorsement which i finished in the fall of 2021. (a wonderful woman by the name of aubrey lesicki has dedicated her whole life to breasts and i had the privilege to take this credit through her.) this way you know you are in the most educated care. give your breast friends all the support they need!"

i charge $60 for a 45 minute session. sadly i don't take insurance for this service. if you would like to add a portion of this session to an existing hour massage, please feel free to ask and i can make that happen. hope to see you soon!


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