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new year with a new idea

ok, well, it is 2020!

this decade has a lot of meaning for me. my sweet girls announced that this is the decade where they will all be graduating from high school, and at least two of them graduating from college. i can't even think about that! it is filled with excitement and nervous energy. i hope all of you have had a beautiful start to your new year.

i have a dear friend who called me a couple days after the new year, with no doubt some nervousness and apprehension about what is ahead for her. i could feel her fidgeting with the phone and panic in her voice. she probably doesn't even know it, because i haven't communicated with her yet, but that very specific moment gave me a vision.

you see, this is why phone calls and hearing someone's voice is SO much better than texting. actual interactions birth ideas and creative flow. so here it is my friends, i am offering a sacred hour massage.

what is a sacred hour massage you may ask? the first 10 minutes i will listen to where you are. what is bothering you, what big questions you may have. i am not here to respond, but rather just sit with you, in a quite space where you can have company while you untangle your way. this hour entails light energy work, a creative clearing with sage, a moment to write, yes, actually write down your intention, your prayer, your word, your phrase, a bible verse, a quote. whatever moves you and brings you some guidance for the year ahead. we then, together focus on opening your heart and releasing your fear. deep breathing exercises will also be in use. i will be using frankincense for grounding and a beautiful rose water spray to finish our session.

now, what you do with your handwritten intention is up to you. you of course can tape to a mirror, or a bedside wall, or in your car.

you can burn it after our session, making a mental note to memorize it..use it.

in some ways i do this kind of work in every massage that i have the honor to do. what makes this different is our first 10 minutes together and the very simple act of knowing, and communicating what your intentions are. this is a very purposeful hour, so don't be alarmed if there are tears, anger, sadness, frustrating images and bottled up sorrow. we move slow and steady, and with our breathing we are able to process, or at the very least, recognize the moment we, YOU, are having.

i am offering the sacred hour massage at $85.

i am very excited to see how this is received.

with my whole heart i know everyone can benefit from body work like this.

i would be so honored if i could sit along beside you and watch magic and light enter in and pour out.

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