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the cottage is back in session

hello to all you lovely people!

hopping on here for a quick announcement, one i am so excited about!

it has been a wild and crazy year over here at my house. for those of you that don't know, i started a school with my beloved mom when covid turned our world upside down. it has been a very fun, challenging, tiring and an exciting year. words can't describe the joy and the hardships that come with starting a one room pioneer style kind of schoolhouse!

when we started our cottage academy i transitioned into solely working at the clinic that i LOVE in gig harbor, but now that we have our last day at our school house in may i am anxiously awaiting for my clients to fill up that space again. some of you have followed me to the clinic, and for that i am so thankful! starting the first week of june i will be back in the cottage part time :)

so please, come on over. i will be working a new cottage schedule, as i will not be leaving the beautiful clinic i work at anytime soon.

i am also introducing a new service, inspired by a doctor that blew my mind when i was researching some medical things about covid. i am going to start offering a trade service for massage. the idea is if you have something worth of value, i would love to trade! if you book online, please send me a message about your trade and the estimated value. if you are a continued client of mine please know we can always set up a trade even if you have been paying me dollar amounts.

i think this helps jump start a community like feel for services and it broadens the way we pour back into our little world. if money is an issue for you, then we have a way to barter, and i LOVE this concept.

i am going to keep a log on this blog about trades i have received and i think it's going to be a really fun way to see what people come up with, and how we bless each other-so stay tuned for this!

NEW HOURS: i will be taking clients in my cottage WED, THUR, FRI, SAT, from 9:30-2:00. you can book online, super easy!

that sums up all of my "news". thank you for the continued support, it really means the world. i am wildly blessed to keep space for you and your loved ones and am always honored and humbled to spend time with each of you clients. i really hope to see you soon.



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